Surrender the additional PAN number Or face 10,000 Fine

If ,Duplicate Pan is allotted to you ,with or without your fault then don't be passive and be active and surrender one of Pan number immediately .Holding two pan is illegal and you may be fined up to Rs 10000/-.

How To surrender Duplicate pan Card

Surrender the Pan (not in use) through a letter addressed to your jurisdictional Assessing Officer.or you can surrender the pan by filing a application "change in pan data " through UTI pan centers or NSDL TIN Facilitation centers.In application fill spare pan number in Last row of the Form.

If I do not surrender the additional PAN number, is there any problem?

Yes. It is illegal to have two PANs and the penalty for such offence is Rs.10,000/-`

By mistake I have been using different PANs for different purpose like one for my demat account and another for filing my Income Tax return and payment of taxes. How do I set this right?

It is advisable to retain only one PAN, preferably the one used for Income Tax purpose and surrender the other number immediately. The institutions where the latter number has been quoted should be informed of the correct PAN.

If I hold two Pan ,Which number should I use/surrender ?

You may retain any one of the numbers and surrender the other.But you should retain the pan which is most used and used recently.



  1. Hi All,

    with the recents updates and changes the site has moved to the below link, to surrender your additional PAN's

    You will need to click on the 3rd point mentioned there.. furnish all the details and click submit after which you will recieve the Complaint No. .. please make sure that you have that noted some where because that is the only way you can proof that you have submitted the request for cancellation of your additional PAN card.



  2. Sir,...

    i have surrendered a duplicate Pan Card that was issued to me and i had taken a credit card on that Pan No,so since it is surrendered ,what happens to the cibil report of this surrendered one..