How to apply for PAN :- Application for allotment of PAN is to be made in Form 49A. Following points must be noted while filling this form:-

  1. Application form must be typewritten or handwritten in black ink in BLOCK LETTERS.
  2. Two photographs are to be annexed.
  3. While selecting the “Address for Communication”, due care should be exercised as all communications thereafter would be sent at the indicated address.
  4. In the space given for “Father's Name”. Only the father's name should be given. Married ladies may note that husband's name is not required and should not be given.
  5. Due care should be exercised to fill the correct date of birth.
  6. The form should be signed in English or any of the Indian Languages in the 2 specified places. In case of thumb impressions attestation by a Gazetted Officer is necessary.


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